WinCC flexible and TIA Portal Archive Viewer

Download WinCC Flexible and TIA Portal Archiv Viewer

Supports WinCC Flexible 2005 and 2008 Archives and TIA Portal.

Simple way to analyze logged data of WinCC flexible or TIA Portal, you can print completly trend or only a part of it. Very simple integration in HMI (command argumetnts like open automaticly a file ot open program in fullscreen mode), absolutely for free. Simple data view in table mode , sorted by record line and colleted of all channels in one row.

Optimized for touch interface, you can use WinCC flexible and TIA Portal Archive Viewer without mouse right button, zoom in, zoom out, pan left, pan right, pan top, pan bottom.

WinCC flexible and TIA Portal Archive Viewer suüports only CSV Files with no loop archivment method.

be sure you are using followed setting for datalogging:

Select file type CSV ASCII

wincc flexible archives file type

Select logging method (“display system event at” or “Raise event”):

wincc flexible archives logging method


Features of WinCC flexible and TIA Portal Archive Viewer:

Mouse Controls:

Pan: mouse wheel button
Zoom In/Out: mouse wheel
Zoom Selection: mouse left
Menu: mouse right button

Commandline arguments:

-f “filename” automatically open file
example: -f “C:\Log\Temp365Tage0.csv”
-fullscreen start Viewer in fullscreen mode
-hidefilebutton hide the openfile button
-hideprintbutton hide print buttons

Short video presentation:



17 comments on “WinCC flexible and TIA Portal Archive Viewer

  • Hello PLC2K,
    Can I use this archive viewer for S7 1200PLC’s datalogging(without HMI panel)?
    The datalogging file from CPU is a *.CSV file.
    I tried to import into archive viewer but it is not possible?
    Please can you help?

    Best regards,
    Siem Mank
    Ovivo Holland B.V.

    • Hello,

      at this moment it is not possible to view archive from S7-1200/1300/1500.
      But if you upload your file to dropbox (or whatever) and sends me link to this file, I can take a loock for it.
      I think it will be possible to implement this feature, or i can create a new version of viewer, axactly for TIA-S7 archives.
      Best regards.

  • Hello, PLC2K I’m from Bulgaria and I’m a technologist at pharmaceutical factory. Our owners installed new automatic filming of tablets with touch panel HMI program WinCC Version 2. We observe and record seven indicators. They are generated in csv files: logAlarms, logAudit and logProcess. Your version of the reader recognizes only logProcess.csv, but does not understand logAlarms and logAudit files. Is it possible to make a version that can read these files.

    • Hello Stefan,

      please describe me, how do you see the auditTrail view?
      It’s not more a chart, so only a list of actions.
      The same is with the Alarm history.

  • Very nice program, it gives me a quick overview of my process log.

    Is it possible to adjust the axis scale? I am recording abstraction setpoint and actual abstraction (from a river), but the axis scales are different, making it difficult to identify whether over abstraction has occured.

  • Hello, this is Bernd from munich. I do programming S7 and TIA Application.
    In my free time, I do try program in C#.
    Maybe it is possible to send me the sources of your program WinCC flexible Archive Viewer.
    I want to learn, how to do.. and I would be very happy to get the sources.

    best regards


  • Добрый день.
    Набрался наглости и немного продолжил Ваш проект.
    Если Вы не против (либо недоступны), то выложу в паблик -на плцфорум и на Гитхаб.

  • can you please include date and time sorting and print option for the table view, in the next version.

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