Linux AdvancedHMIDrivers example reading Rockwell L61 PLC I used Linux Mint 17.3, so you can do the same with other Debian based ditributions. Step 1: Install mono and mono vb sudo apt-get install mono-complete sudo apt-get install mono-vbnc Step 2: Download AdvancedHMIDrivres libs Step 3: extract lib to your project directory Simple example, how… Read More

Android example reading Tag Value from Rockwell PLC   A very simple example how to read Data from Rockwell PLC (example: L-61) with Android Device. in this example you need Android Studio and Android-EIP You can download this project here: here a short and simple video   short descriptionof steps in video: create new project… Read More

RsLogix5000 Upload and Download Program over EIP   short and simple tutorial howto upload a program to new and blank PLC using RsLogix5000 software from Rockwell Allen Bradley:   short and simple tutorial howto download program from PLC in your PC using RsLogix5000 software from Rockwell Allen Bradley: in this example you dont need to… Read More

The CompactLogix and ControlLogix processors support Producer/Consumer Tag mapping between two processors. This allows two processors to mutually share critical data values similar to the Scanner/Adapter mode used on Remote I/O. Below will illustrate this mapping process.   A small Video howto, setup communication between 2 Controllogix (and compactLogix) plc’s with Consumed and Produced Tags.… Read More

How to read values from ControlLogix L61 directly in Excel   what you need AdvancedHmi Driver Rockwell (Allen-Bradley) PLC (I use L61) with EthernetIP Modul excel (I use office 2010) You can download a excel file with other needed files ready to use,   this method is simple and free to use, it is compatible… Read More

Excel read values from OPC DA Server what you need download all files here A OPC DA Server (like Simenens WinCC or Siemens WinCC flex or Kepware OPC DA) Excel (I use office 2010) you can use this method (Excel read values from OPC DA Server) for free, OPC DA is a industry standart for… Read More