Excel read values from OPC DA Server

what you need

  • download all files here OPC_Excel_Communication.zip
  • A OPC DA Server (like Simenens WinCC or Siemens WinCC flex or Kepware OPC DA)
  • Excel (I use office 2010)

you can use this method (Excel read values from OPC DA Server) for free, OPC DA is a industry standart for communication between HMI’s and PLC’s.

a short howto video:

One comment on “Excel read values from OPC DA Server

  • Dear plc2k Company!
    I try to read values from an OPC DA Server. I work with a MP 277 panel as OPC Server (OPC.SimaticHMI.HmiRTm). On the PC I have Siemens WinCC flexible and office 2007.
    When I follow your instructions on your video I have to add OpcExcel to reference. Then I should be able to read the tags. If I press this read tags field then an error occurs: “Runtime error ´2146232832´The remote server is not currently connected.”

    Do you have any advice how I can fix this or do I need to select the OPC.SimaticHMI.HmiRTm-Server?
    And do I have to use an OPC client first to receive the data and then write the data to Excel?

    Gratefulness and best regards
    Fischbacher Roland

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