Linux AdvancedHMIDrivers example reading Rockwell L61 PLC I used Linux Mint 17.3, so you can do the same with other Debian based ditributions. Step 1: Install mono and mono vb sudo apt-get install mono-complete sudo apt-get install mono-vbnc Step 2: Download AdvancedHMIDrivres libs Step 3: extract lib to your project directory Simple example, how… Read More

Android example reading Tag Value from Rockwell PLC   A very simple example how to read Data from Rockwell PLC (example: L-61) with Android Device. in this example you need Android Studio and Android-EIP You can download this project here: here a short and simple video   short descriptionof steps in video: create new project… Read More

The CompactLogix and ControlLogix processors support Producer/Consumer Tag mapping between two processors. This allows two processors to mutually share critical data values similar to the Scanner/Adapter mode used on Remote I/O. Below will illustrate this mapping process.   A small Video howto, setup communication between 2 Controllogix (and compactLogix) plc’s with Consumed and Produced Tags.… Read More

How to read values from ControlLogix L61 directly in Excel   what you need AdvancedHmi Driver Rockwell (Allen-Bradley) PLC (I use L61) with EthernetIP Modul excel (I use office 2010) You can download a excel file with other needed files ready to use,   this method is simple and free to use, it is compatible… Read More