WinCC flexible as OPC Server

this option is only available on Panel PC’s like IPC477C, on MP Panels, but not on KTP Panels.


I’m using opctestclient from Rockwell Automation, but you can use any other OPC Client
take a look here for OPC Clients

here a short and simple howto video:


to activate WinCC flexible OPC Server option just follow this steps:

  1. Open WinCC flexible
  2. navigate to Device Settings->Device Settings
    • WinCC flexible as OPC Server_wincc device settings
  3. And select the checkbox “Act as OPC Server”
    • WinCC flexible as OPC Server_act as OPC server


  4. now just transfer this project to your HMI, or you can start runtime on your PC.
  5. Use some client to connect to WinCC flexible as OPC Server.


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